Monday, November 16, 2009

MNP Rashomon version

MNP is Mobile Number Portability, allow mobile user to switch from one mobile network to another mobile network without changing the number including the prefix (eg. 012, 016, 019...)

"Rashomon" ( 羅生門 ) is a movie by lengendary Jananese director Akira Kurosawa ( 黑澤明 ). The movie is about a curious murder case, all people involved in the case are giving a different story of their own.

MNP has started more than a year, but mobile users are still confused with it, since there is not much benefits from switching one network to another network, MNP response is not well received.

I have a main and sub line to switch to another mobile operator as sub line, but I get different answers from mobile operator, dealers and MCMC on how to do the MNP.

For sure, I can not switch just one of the line from the main or the sub line. All parties are giving the same confirmed answer, but other answers are just confusing.

Some told me I can not switch my main and sub line as a sub line of another network.

Some said is possible, but I need to switch as pre-paid, then convert it to post paid.

Some said I don't even need to switch as pre-paid, direct convert it as sub line will do.

I don't know which is the right answer, I didn't use MNP.

This time I try to do it again, the dealer told me that I can split the original main and sub line to two different account, is just easy. I have double check this solution for me, so I just gave it a try.

The mobile operator support call me this afternoon, the MNP is not successful, because the 2 accounts are still under the same name, even it was splitted.

You think my case is complicated? The mobile operators' billing system is hundred times more complicated than my case here. If they can handle their billing system, why not my case?

Someone must have done something wrong, I have to find out myself later.

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